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Salesforce Overcoming Distrust In Europe

Snowden's revelations dented Salesforce's European business, but the company's on it.

Is It Time To Ignore The Fed?

All eyes are on the Fed. When will it begin to raise interest rates? Some say next summer. Others think sooner, in the first quarter of next year. A few Fed governors insist that will be too late, that the Fed needs to act before year-end.

Which 9 Gurus All Hold Time Warner Cable?

When hedge fund manager "titans" think alike, investors are wise to pay attention. At Holdings Channel, we have reviewed 3,721 13F filings for the 06/30/2014 reporting period, and noticed that Time Warner Cable (NYSE: TWC) was held by 9 of the particular managers we have flagged as "titans" most widely followed by investors. It is not every day we see this many notable hedge fund managers thinking alike, so we wanted to take a closer look.

Funds Added To PPL Positions

At Holdings Channel, we have reviewed 3,721 13F filings for the 06/30/2014 reporting period, and looked at the various S&P 500 components held by each of these reporting hedge funds and other 13F filers. For each component, we totaled the number of shares across across all of these funds. Next, we went back to the 03/31/2014 period, and went through the same exercise for each of those 3,721 funds. By comparing the same group across the two periods, we can see which S&P 500 components, in the aggregate, these particular funds have been buying and selling.

Weekly Market Wrap: August 22, 2014

The thirty fourth trading week of 2014 comes to a close with the S&P 500 and Dow lower and the NASDAQ slightly higher, in afternoon trading today.

Friday Sector Leaders: Services, Consumer Products

In afternoon trading on Friday, Services stocks are the best performing sector, up 0.4%. Within that group, Ross Stores (NASD: ROST) and GameStop (NYSE: GME) are two of the day's stand-outs, showing a gain of 7.0% and 5.1%, respectively. Among the largest ETFs, one ETF closely following services stocks is the iShares U.S. Consumer Services ETF (AMEX: IYC), which is up 0.2% on the day, and up 5.11% year-to-date. Ross Stores, meanwhile, is down 0.60% year-to-date, and GameStop, is down 12.24% year-to-date. Combined, ROST and GME make up approximately 0.7% of the underlying holdings of IYC.

Friday Sector Laggards: Energy, Industrial

In afternoon trading on Friday, Energy stocks are the worst performing sector, showing a 0.6% loss. Within the sector, Transocean (NYSE: RIG) and Cabot Oil & Gas (NYSE: COG) are two large stocks that are lagging, showing a loss of 1.9% and 1.7%, respectively. Among energy ETFs, one ETF following the sector is the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (AMEX: XLE), which is down 0.6% on the day, and up 10.64% year-to-date. Transocean, meanwhile, is down 20.60% year-to-date, and Cabot Oil & Gas, is down 14.85% year-to-date. Combined, RIG and COG make up approximately 2.2% of the underlying holdings of XLE.